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Review Storj Node Operator - Revenue and Profit 2022

Review Storj Node Operator - Revenue and Profit 2022

Storj Dec 22, 2022
TDLR; This essay analyses the revenue generated by a Storj Node in 2022 using actual data that I have gathered. It is not investment advise; hosting and running a Storj node is a personal choice, and each individual is fully accountable for that choice.

What is Storj?

Source from: https://www.storj.io/blog/what-is-decentralized-cloud-storage

Storj is a cryptocurrency blockchain platform powering a decentralized system for digital file storage. It's one of the first decentrialize cloud storage (DCS) network in the world, was launched in 2017 on the Ethereum Network as a secure place to storage data. Storj wants to create a most cost-effective, transparent, and secure platform alternatives such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, ..., as well as give a solution so that end users have complete control over their data. To archive this, storj develop a platform that allow individual could rent out space on their computer, Then, the platform would take a user's file, data, encrypt it and storing the separate particles across multiple compute. In that way the data is secure and nobody can access the central server & stolen the file and and space lessors can also make a profit from storing users' data on their computers. In simple terms, Storj can be called Uber in the field of data storage, but is built on the blockchain platform.

What is Storj Node Operator?

Storage Node Operators contribute unused hard drive capacity to the network, enabling the storage network to be distributed around the world and earn profit from it.

What got me the idea of wanting to be a Storj node operator?

How to become Storj Node Operator?

What is the minimum requirement to become a Storj Node Operator?

Source From: https://docs.storj.io/node/before-you-begin/prerequisites

  • One (1) processor core dedicated to each node service
  • Minimum of 550 GB with no maximum of available space per node
  • Minimum of 2 TB of bandwidth available per month with a public IP
  • Minimum of 5 Mbps bandwidth upstream
  • Minimum of 25 Mbps bandwidth downstream
  • Minimum uptime (online and operational) of 99.3% per month, max total downtime of 5 hours monthly

Review of a Storj Node's Revenue and profit:

I. Estimated revenue for the current month:

Storj Node Operator - Grafana Dashboard
  • Time range of the data on the dashboard: 22 days, from Dec 01 to Dec 22,2022.
  • Total 8 online nodes is running, and none of theme have the Held back

Disk Space Information:

  • Total Diskspace: 12.1TB
  • Disk used: 10.1TB - Revenue is paid for this part
  • Disk Free: 2.07TB - No revenue for this part


  • Ingress: 1.09TB - No revenue for this part
  • Egress: 986,52BG - Revenue is paid for this part


  • For 22 days: 27.43USD
  • Estimation for 30 Day: 27.43/22*30 = 37.4USD
  • Average income per day per filled disk: ~1.24Usd/day/10TB ~ 0.12USD/Day/TB

II. Review a Node

Node Context:

  • Location: Canada
  • Disk Space: 1.8TB
  • Disk Used: 1.775TB
  • Free Space: 25GB
  • Uptime: more than 12 months

Estimation payout Dec 2022:

Payout history by Satellite last month (November, 2022)

Last 12 Month Payout Summary

Time range: Dec 2021 to Nov 2022



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