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My Side Projects

From ChatGPT: "Side projects are things people do in their free time because they enjoy them. These can be hobbies, experiments, or small businesses they start on the side. They're a way to learn, have fun, or try out new ideas beyond their regular work or studies."


Personal notes, templates, snippets related to programming work, infrastructure/cloud/application operation as well as other issues in software development

  • Product status: production-ready

Vi Nguyen Blog

My thoughts my shares

  • Product status: production-ready


Blockchain node operator, connecting and collaborating with blockchain founder, simplifies operations and contributes to creating more efficient and sustainable systems.

  • Product status: production-lived


Tracking income estimation of all known ASIC/GPU/CPU/FGPA miners

  • Product status: under-maintenance



The geeky developer's Swiss army knife, a powerful tools for your everyday tasks.

  • Product status: prototype


A telegram channel sharing technology news that interests me, inspired by Hacker News channel

  • Product status: development

Open Source Contribution.

Vi Nguyen's Ansible Galaxy

The set of ansible roles is implemented according to my practical experience during my work

  • Product status: production-ready